Why Waterloo Ranch Lamb & Beef? - May '24

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Our Waterloo Ranch beef sliders have been incredibly popular at the Northeast Washington Farmer’s Market in Colville, WA. Our regular appearance there will now be on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Follow us on Facebook for any market schedule changes, including some additional Friday appearances at the Chewelah Farmer’s Market.

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Why Waterloo Ranch Lamb & Beef?

There’s a lot of lamb and beef out there, but it’s clear to us (and our customers) that we offer a truly unique lamb and beef product. As a result of our breeding, grazing management, and feed choices, our beef is as tender and marbled as any beef we’ve ever tasted, and is also superior in flavor; and the lamb from our Katahdin flock is tender and sufficiently balanced in flavor to convert many who have been historically averse to lamb.

Our lambs and cows are never in feedlot type settings, so they enjoy ample space year-round, and an abundance of live forage during the growing season. We could easily increase our livestock head count here without regard to space and increase our potential profits, but space and sanitation for our animals is extremely important to us.

We buy only the best, local-as-possible feeds for all of our livestock. Our grain and legume supplemental feed choice for our cows comes from a mill just 30 minutes from our ranch and it’s loaded with nutrients and probiotics for the health of our animals. This feed comes at over four times the cost of many other grain-based supplemental feed options, but we’ve seen the results and we refuse to compromise.

This same uncompromising approach is employed when it comes to our hay. We will buy over 100,000 pounds of hay for this coming winter and every bale will be tied to an incredibly detailed hay test that assures us that our animals are getting proper nutrition.

The pastures for our sheep and cows are intensively-managed for the proper nutrition and overall health of our animals and the health of our soil. We meticulously and continuously assess stocking rates for optimal forage value and longevity and sanitary conditions. In return we are rewarded with regenerating land, and happy, thriving animals that give us incredible finished products.

In short, we don’t just happen to raise cows and sheep, we spend every day focused on the health of our land and animals and the consequent quality of our meats. We regularly make choices that contribute to our increasingly labor-intensive operation and cut into our already slim margins, but we do so to keep our products local, affordable, humane, of the highest quality, and our systems as regenerative as possible.

Be sure to check out our online Ranch Shop for more details on our lamb and beef offerings, and reserve your portion of this year’s harvest.

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Thanks For A Great First Farm-to-Table Dinner Hosted By Waterloo Ranch!

Thanks to everyone who attended and everyone who helped support our first farm-to-table dinner in Colville, WA. We sold out and even had a waiting list, and we connected with some very pleased and nourished guests. We plan to do one of these big 5-course dinners a year each spring, and we may be doing a smaller ‘Harvest Happy Hour’ of sorts this autumn, featuring our lamb, so stay tuned for detailed announcements.

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We Hope To See You At The Farmer’s Markets Soon! Enjoy The Last Bit Of Spring!

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