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What started as an idea of a little getaway cabin on acreage in eastern Washington in 2020, morphed into a primary residence homestead, and then later evolved into a full-on farming and ranching venture. By 2022, our formerly bare acres of hayfield and forest featured a small home, a barn, a fenced pasture and garden, and our first livestock.

My wife, Jenn, and I both started work in the restaurant industry at 15 years old and gradually worked our way up to managerial and entrepreneurial roles. After nearly five decades of collective experience on the frontlines in the industry, and much of our lives in urban centers, we decided it was time for a change of lifestyle and a change of scenery. We decided it was time to put our desire for food security, our love for truly meaningful business, our love for nature, and our love for food to work in a new project, in a new place we could call home. In a world that is growing ever more hostile to agriculture, we set out to build and operate a truly regenerative farm and ranch and show that it’s possible to work with the land, instead of simply working on the land.

Waterloo Ranch is named after our tiny ‘neighborhood’ and an historic schoolhouse just across the creek from us. We are a regenerative farm and ranch in Washington state offering grass-fed lamb, beef from pasture-raised cows, pasture-raised eggs, and organic crops. We are committed to systems that show the utmost care and respect for our animals, our crops, and the entire ecosystem, which ensures that every harvest is richer than the last one.

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