Just A Few LGD Pups Left! - January '24

Just A Few Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) Puppies Left From Charlie’s One & Only Litter!

Simply reply to this email if you are interested, or feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who needs protection for their livestock.

Meet Mom (Charlie)! She is a mix of Anatolian Shepherd and Akbash.

Meet Dad (Moose)! He is a mix of Karakachan, Anatolian Shepherd, and Maremma.

We have one female (first image below) and two males left!

The Fine Print…

Charlie’s puppies were born on September 26th, 2023. All puppies have received two rounds of vaccines and de-wormer. They regularly spend time with sheep, goats, llamas, and chickens.

Our goal is to find the best home for each puppy so they can be successful in their new roles. Reach out to learn more about each puppy’s individual personality.

Happy New Year!

We’re expecting our first lambs of the year next month so we hope that the worst of the cold snaps are behind us. Twenty degrees Fahrenheit never felt as warm as it did this week after the many days of negative temps last week. Caring for the animals isn’t something that can wait for fair weather, but we’re happy to report that all of our animals survived the deep freeze without issue, and Jenn and I still have all of our fingers and toes.

Be sure to stay tuned for some great lambing pics in the coming months, as well as details about reservations for harvest season 2024.

Thanks again for your support.

Happy New Year!

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