Farm-to-Table Dinner Tickets On Sale Now! - March '24

Farm-to-Table Dinner Tickets Now Available!

Sit back and relax at Crossroads Event Center in Colville, WA as we prepare a 5-course dinner featuring Waterloo Ranch lamb, beef, and eggs, and other top-quality ingredients from local producers. Get more details and purchase your tickets online before we are fully sold out. Profits from ticket sales will go to the N.E.W. Hunger Coalition.  

New Pick-up Location for Beef Orders in Early December 2024, and Individual Beef Cuts to be Available for Purchase this Winter!

Quarter, half, and whole beef orders will be available for pick-up this year in Odessa, WA, conveniently located a bit off of I-90. The switch to this highly-reputed, USDA slaughter and butcher operation will give us the opportunity to sell individual beef cuts to the public this winter. Quarter, half, and whole beef orders are always the more economical choice, but if you don’t have ample freezer space, we look forward to being able to serve you with smaller quantities.

The reviews are in and our beef this year will go fast, so be sure to check out the details for reservations this year in the online ranch shop soon.

Katahdins Taste Better!

We had a small February harvest and we have once again been blown away by the flavor of our lamb. Our Katahdin flock with industry-leading genetics truly deliver an incredible product and we are impatient to share it with more people this winter. Reserve your lamb today in the ranch shop and, come harvest season, you’ll never want to eat lamb from anywhere else.

The green-up is coming! Happy Spring Everyone!

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